Classical Intensive

Full days of orchestra, chamber groups, technique.

Ages 10 - 19
$ 600.00 CAD
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The Classical Intensive Program is a unique opportunity for students to enhance their ensemble skills, develop musicianship, and explore a new string repertoire. Led by the talented members of Cascadia Strings, students will have the chance to delve into a diverse range of chamber music repertoire that combines original works with carefully crafted arrangements of popular music from the last century, all to provide live, meaningful musical experiences.

This intensive one-week program will culminate in a concert, where the students from the String Orchestra will perform alongside CYMC's renowned Festival Choir. This performance will top a week of hard work and dedication as students showcase their newly-acquired skills and passion for music.

Join us for an enriching experience that will give you a deep appreciation for music and the opportunity to collaborate with other talented musicians. The Classical Intensive Program promises an unforgettable learning, growth, and artistic expression week.

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Cascadia strings orchestra

Tyson Doknjas - Violin

Kathryn Wiebe - Violin

Jessica Pickersgill - Viola

Erin Tinney - Cello