2021 Season is over!

Stay tuned for 2022

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We are honoured to invite the Cascadia String Quartet, a well-known young and keen Quartet who will be holding the virtual Strings Program and the Junior String Orchestra. Carter Johnson will be holding the virtual Piano Program. Carol Anne Parkinson will be leading the Junior Choir Camp and our new Vocal Camp. The CYMC Classical Music Festival on July 10th is open to the public and will be a relay of performances, concluding the CYMC classical music program.

Over 6 days students will have the opportunity to study with some of the top musicians and educators on the scene today. Though Covid restrictions have made it impossible to run our usual in-person camp, we are excited to give students and professionals alike an opportunity to attend online masterclasses on their instruments as well as improvisation and theory workshops with a faculty that would not otherwise be available to us.

The program will include a number of in-person workshops designed to enhance skills in all areas of the performing arts and will end with two performances of a Musical Theatre Showcase at the Sid Williams Theatre.

**All new programs**

CYMC will be hosting for the first time, an online Contemporary Music Festival featuring performances and showcases of the students across our 3 brand new programs