Pauline Cote

Board of Directors

September 1, 2021

Pauline Cote was born and raised in Campbell River. She has lived in France, Great Britain, Burnaby, and Maple Ridge, only to return and to settle in Cumberland with her son Paul, and her daughter Aira.

Pauline’s love for music began with her father, who played guitar and sang with a Country and Western group, and her grandfather who introduced her to a treasure trove of recorded music when she inherited his vast record collection.

When Pauline was 13, she entered a talent contest, winning second place for her rendition of Harper Valley PTA. She has continued to sing as part of a Francophone choir as well as a member of the Just In Time Choir, The Oliver Choir, The Chanting Group, and Celebration Singers. Pauline is happily enjoying her semi-retirement by joining the board of CYMC and being a grandmother to 5 grandchildren.

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