Hazel Lennox

Board of Directors

September 1, 2021

Since moving to the Comox Valley over thirty years ago, Hazel has always been involved in the vibrant Arts community that exists here (although she notes that it’s been struggling somewhat in recent years for many reasons).

CYMC has always been one of the foundational organizations and has done a fabulous job of encouraging the playing of music and participation in musical theatre, choirs and generally supporting the Arts in everyday life, which is where it should be, in Hazel’s opinion. Young people come from all over Canada and are immersed in their particular discipline and receive stellar instruction and advice from a wealth of professionals. Although she admits that she is far from young, Hazel participated in the Jazz Program one year and found it inspiring.

“Without the arts, my life would be far less interesting. I have been inspired and sustained by music, singing and theatre, and I believe that all humans are richer for participation in those activities,” she explained.

Hazel presently plays in two bands, The Georgia Strait Big Band and the Comox Valley Community Band, and as a talented story-teller, she still tells stories and writes memoirs for people. Hazel feels honoured to be on the Board of CYMC with the other members, all of whom have worked tirelessly in the arts community for many years.

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