Festival Choir

This will be a four-part mixed choir comprised of Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass sections with singers of all ages drawn from the many active choirs in the Comox Valley as well as interested singers from the community at large.

All ages
Starting June
$ 100.00 CAD
Limited to 40 students
Details below

The CYMC Festival Choir is delighted to announce the return of the highly-regarded Comox Valley choral director, Paul Colthorpe, who will lead this summer's instructional program. Mr. Colthorpe's approach to music is centred around his belief in "music by and for the community," and he takes great pride in the growth and achievements of the Festival Choir.

The Festival Choir is a diverse group consisting of singers from the Comox Valley's active choirs and those from the wider community who share an interest in choral music. This four-part mixed choir features Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass sections, with participants of all ages coming together to create a unique and memorable musical experience.

The Festival Choir will accompany the CYMC String Orchestra, adding depth and richness to their already impressive sound.

Join us for an unforgettable experience of community-driven music-making under the skilled leadership of Paul Colthorpe.

Rehearsals will be held two evenings per week beginning in mid-May and culminate with a performance of a major choral work, accompanied by the CYMC String Orchestra, at the finale concert on July 9th.

No scholarship options for Festival Choir

Conductor: Paul Colthorpe