Volunteer Coordinator

Maintains list of volunteers including complete mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and status of volunteers.  A spreadsheet with the current list is supplied.  Also keep a record of what volunteers are prepared to do, ie. what kinds of jobs and what level of involvement.

Liaise with Valley Links, Newcomers Club and other Comox Valley clubs to recruit new volunteers. Train new volunteers.

Work closely with the Board of Directors, the office and camp staff and the raffle chairman to provide volunteers for events. These include the Festival of Summer Sounds, selling raffle tickets, helping with home concerts and any other events we will host, helping with office mail outs, work on the housing committee, establish a phone (or email) tree, transport students ,  help in the kitchen at camp, organize and run concession for concerts,  or help on registration day.

Skills needed: email (check daily), spreadsheet familiarity, ability to organize, communicate clearly, delegate and be a TEAM player.  A background in human resources would be an asset.

Time required: From August through May, one hour a week on average.  June, about 5 hours a week.  July 5-10 hours a week to manage (not do) volunteer activity.

Two seasons passes are provided.

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