Raffle Chairperson

Establish points of sale with a few local store owners.  Some of our prize donors are willing also to sell tickets.  Monitor sales; pick up cash and deliver new supply of tickets as needed.

Organize selling of tickets at various events.  Work with Volunteer Coordinator on that.   See spreadsheet for events.

Be responsible for cash, floats.  Reconcile cash with tickets sold. Deliver to office.

Pick up unsold tickets that are at retail outlets before the draw at the end of July.  Reconcile all tickets.

Cash collected and make sure that all tickets are accounted for, both sold and unsold.

Prepare for the draw by unstapling all sold books.  This can be done with the Board’s help at the meeting where the winners are drawn.

Phone all winners and arrange for them to pick up their prizes.  Send list of winners for posting on website.

If possible submit picture of winner receiving prize as press release to the newspapers.

Two season’s passes are provided.

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