RCM Levels 6 - ARCT (or equivalent). Admission by audition. All ages welcome.

Registration is limited to six applicants so make sure to apply early.  The opportunity to perform in a string ensemble makes this program unique among music camps.

As with all CYMC programs this is an immersive experience. Students who stay on campus eat, sleep, talk and play music. Peer to peer interaction where pianists listen to one another and play together is a vital component of this learning experience.


This class approaches theory from a refreshingly different perspective. Students will be challenged to use their theory knowledge to:


CREATE chord/rhythm charts from recordings

LEARN to read and perform from chord charts

IMPROVE their internal rhythm through the use of eurythmics (body rhythm)

The result is a clearer understanding of the purpose/application of music theory in our everyday music-making.

There will be at least 2 class-levels, divided by experience. Classes will be determined on the first day of camp, following a short assessment.

Put away all scores, notebooks, and sheet music! In these fun workshops, students will create music through improvisation, games, storytelling, and a few other fun techniques. No improvisation experience? We’ll walk you through! Are you an experienced improviser? You will be challenged to expand your toolbox!


Students will have a chance to receive personal instruction directly from Dr. Hamm, in both private lessons and masterclasses. Students should bring at least three pieces to work on, including something ready for performance.

Students will participate in outreach performances at senior care centers around the Comox Valley, in addition to presenting a final recital (featuring solo & chamber music).

REGISTRATION & FEES – Check back soon for registration in the 2019 season.

Check back soon for registration application information forms.

Fees for the Piano Intensive 2018 program:

Tuition: $900.00 ($50 discount for *early-bird applications)

Room and Board: $900.00

Day Camper Fees (for those not paying for Room & Board), covering activities and transportation to an from activities and events: $50

*Early Bird Fees for tuition will be $850.00 if paid before April 15, 2018. (tuition paid upon acceptance)

Need help coming up with enough money for camp? Download a fundraising kit here: CYMC-Student-Fundraising-Kit