Blaine Dunaway – Trumpet, Strings, Combo, Big Band

Performer, teacher, composer, conductor,Blaine Dunaway, has a B.A. in music, (jazz), from Western Washington University. He has studied at UBC, U of A in Edmonton, Brandon University, the Banff School of Fine Arts, and Bullfrog recording school.

Blaine has taught music in public school throughout BC and Manitoba and has taught at the college level in BC and Alberta. As a composer, his compositions range from String Quartets to 15 piece bands to meditation tracks.Blaine has worked as a studio recording artist in many studios across the country, and has played in most of the finest Big Bands in Western Canada. As an improvising violinist and trumpet player, there are dozens of albums with his touch adding to the magic, in many different genres, from jazz to classical to folk to world music to blues to popular.

Blaine’s website.