Welcome to  CYMC’s brand new website which celebrates 50 years of providing excellence in music education and performance opportunities for youth. Our summer campers grow by leaps and bounds in musicality and confidence while making friends that last a lifetime.


Founded as a summer retreat for the Vancouver Junior Symphony, BC’s longest running music camp celebrates 50 years in 2017.  Music education, mentorship, performance opportunities and 24/7 peer to peer interactions form the core of the “CYMC Experience.”  Guided by professional musicians and educators, CYMC students attain new levels of musicality and confidence.  Musical theatre, string ensembles and orchestra, intensive piano studies, jazz combos, big band, junior choir and junior strings are all taught in a nurturing atmosphere.  In concerts, recitals and theatre productions CYMC students bring appreciative Comox Valley audiences along on their musical journeys.

CYMC lauds its former Artistic Directors and faculty who have set the highest standards of excellence and inspired thousands of youth over the years.  To name just a few, Robert Creech, Simon Streatfeild and Norman Nelson all played a part in the founding and running of CYMC and are still active in the music scene today.  Timothy Vernon  Artistic Director for 7 of his 12 years as faculty went on to start and lead Pacific Opera Victoria to great success and has recently received the honor of being named Artistic Director of Ottawa’s Opera Lyra.   Yariv Aloni, a faculty member and Artistic Director for most of a decade, now conducts the Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra among many other pursuits.

The thousands of alumni that have gone on to careers in music also speak to the success of its programs.  Nancy Argenta speaks for all when she said as a student, “I am finally with kids who love music as much as I do.”  Visit our alumni page.

CYMC is a volunteer driven society with a dedicated Board of Directors and a whole cadre of volunteers who put well over 1,000 hours into the musical theatre production each summer plus others who help with Instrumental and Island Jazz concerts.  The Society is funded by a number of streams both internal and external.  See bar chart on Donations Page.

If you wish to help celebrate the momentous accomplishment of 50 years of hosting music for youth, please do.  We would welcome your time as a volunteer, your expertise as a board or staff member and/or your contribution to either the 2017 Bursary Fund or our ongoing Legacy Fund.  (Link to Fund Page with Pay Pal facility)