Contemporary Guitar 2021

Open to all ages

July 19th – 24th

10am – 12pm

This program will be beneficial to anyone interested in knowing more about flamenco and Spanish classical guitar playing. An understanding of guitar basics is recommended!
Meet our Guest Instructors…

Oscar Robles

Well known in the Comox Valley and beyond, Oscar is a musician and music educator originally from Mexico. He has toured in Asia, west coast Canada, and much of Latin America. At the age of 12, he began learning classical guitar but became inspired to learn electric guitar when, as a teenager, he moved to California and was impacted by the rock scene happening there. 

Upon returning to live in Mexico City as a young adult, he went on to study in Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM) classical guitar program. Meanwhile, in his spare time, he was composing on electric guitar and performing with his friends in their band, El Manglar (the Mangrove), a pioneering presence in the city’s emerging world-beat movement.

Oscar’s current projects include Café Olé (a nuevo-flamenco/Latin music duo), Ultraviolet, Zandhunga, amongst others.  A skilled multi-instrumentalist, he composes, performs and offers lessons on guitar, bass guitar, Chapman Stick, ukulele, Cuban tres and drum kit, and is adept in a wide range of styles, including Flamenco, Spanish-Classical, Latin, Rock, Funk and Pop, to name a few. 

Oscar currently teaches privately and through Long & McQuade, Courtenay. He has also been a faculty member at a past CYMC guitar camp.

Some of the rhythms and techniques that give flamenco and Spanish classical forms of music their distinctive character will be introduced.

Week-long guitar intensive.

Students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of different styles that the flamenco tradition encompasses, and will come away with some unique and effective approaches to using their right hand (all four fingers, and thumb) that can be applied to any genre! 

By the end of the course, students will have had the opportunity to experiment with applying their newly learned techniques to some typical flamenco chord progressions and scales.

2021 Contemporary Music festival

At the end of the week’s classes, students are encouraged to show off their new skills at CYMC’s first-ever online Contemporary Music Festival, featuring performances and showcases of the students across our 3 brand new programs (Songwriting, Guitar, and Beat Making). Participants will also have a networking opportunity to meet and exchange contact with other talented students in programs for future collaborations!

We are building the next community of songwriters, producers, and top musicians right here at CYMC!

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