Call for Expressions of Interest in Housing 2016

Call For Expressions of Interest in Housing for 2016 CYMC Faculty and Students

One of the secrets to CYMC’s long success in attracting the finest musicians to the faculty of our summer music school has been the welcome that they receive upon arrival in the Comox Valley.

Rather than living out of a suitcase in a hotel, as they so often must do elsewhere, our faculty enjoy the privilege of living in their own house, courtesy of a local host.  For two, or in some cases, three weeks, they can enjoy all the comforts of home in a community that is in many ways their “second home”.

raised handsFor decades, generous local residents have offered their homes to CYMC in exchange for a small rental fee or some other arrangement.  In return, they can enjoy their own holidays knowing that there is someone in their home, the houseplants are being watered and the goldfish fed, and they are helping CYMC.

As housing coordinator for the past many years, it has been a great privilege to match personalities and preferences for this unique partnership, and I am honoured on behalf of CYMC to know that we have such trust and esteem in this community that hosts continue to offer their homes year after year.

At this time, some arrangements have been made, but there is a need for a few more homes, especially for the two weeks July 2-17, and the final week July 17-24.

If you plan to be away between July 2 and 24 and would like to host a CYMC faculty member, please contact the CYMC office at 338-7463, or Diane Maxted at 250-339-7512.  Your call will be returned and an appointment set up for a home visit and a chance to really help CYMC make a difference in young musician’s lives.

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