Get Involved

CYMC is an ever growing, ever evolving volunteer-run organization.  The expertise of every player from professional to tradesman to musician to homemaker is what has made this such a vibrant and venerable institution.  We invite you to share in the labor and joy of carrying it long into the future.


Become a Volunteer

with the annual musical theatre production
on the faculty housing committee
advertising concerts by putting up posters around town
at concerts with raffle ticket sales, concession, front of house
at camp transporting arriving and departing students, delivering meals

Provide the Faculty a “home away from home” if you are going to be away during our camp and wish your home to be occupied, the kitty fed, the plants watered.

Join the Board of Directors  Read more about the Board of Directors here.

Become Membership Chairperson Find out more here.

Become a Raffle Chairperson  Find out more here.

Become Volunteer Coordinator   Find out more here.