Financial Aid

How to Apply for a Bursary

Download the form to apply for a Bursary here.

The application form will guide you through the process of obtaining a bursary.  Fill in the form and attach the requested items to it, and send it in to

You will also need to send in a registration form and a minimum 10% registration fee. All fees must be paid by June 15, 2021.

We at CYMC do our very best to find enough money from sponsors to enable students to come to CYMC who otherwise would not be able to afford to come.

CYMC’s Bursary program is funded each year through generous contributions from businesses, service clubs, and private donors who recognize the importance of investing in the musical development of our youth.  See our Sponsor page for a list of our generous supporters.

Please recognize that we may not be able to fulfill all requests and we encourage students to pursue all other possible sources of assistance, including your local service clubs, community arts councils, and educational institutions.

Bursary funds are available to full program students.  CYMC awards financial assistance based on financial need, musical merit, and recommendation.  Throughout May, the Bursary/Scholarship committee will review applications for an award and students will receive notification of an award before June 5th, 2021.  The remaining tuition balance must be paid in full by June 15th, 2021.  Please note that Bursaries and Scholarships do not cover camp fees, meals, or travel.

Fundraising ideas This is a link to a website that has some interesting ideas for doing your own fundraising.  Some of these ideas will be dependent upon where you live. The website is American, but ideas can cross boundaries and be adapted to your particular circumstances.

Musical Theatre high school students have the opportunity to apply for a tuition refund of $250, plus 2 high school course credits upon completion of the three-week musical theatre program.  Details soon to be announced on the Musical Theatre page.